• First National Bank’s customer loyalty, customer retention and cross-selling model was not delivering the rate of growth expected by the business because its assumptions about buyer behaviour and decision-making were flawed.

    We helped to engage the business in a new, evidence-based growth model that focussed on customer acquisition, scale economies and easy, or easier, to buy and easy to use.

    As a result, FNB has increased its market share by 2% points in just eighteen months (it is now the second largest in the South African) which was achieved by increasing the customer base by 29%. FNB is the fastest growing bank in the South African market. 

  • Mars has world-leading brands but few were experiencing growth when we (Ehrenberg Bass Institute and ourselves) became involved.

    The firms’ assumptions about how to grow its brands were very much at odds with the scientific evidence. After working together for some years now Mars Inc now has a new, unified growth philosophy, some new tools to identify opportunities for growth, some new metrics and a new perspective on how to drive growth across the business.

    The impact on sales has been spectacular: for example Snickers has increased sales by 11.4% adding $376m of sales in 12 months, Orbit (chewing gum) increased sales by 10.2% in 12 months against a market decline of 6.6%. Mars Inc has also won a hatful of Clio awards and the Marketing Leadership award for the Mountainview Learning/Ehrenberg Bass derived Laws of Growth learning programme.

  • Quorn had for years been attempting to increase purchase frequency by encouraging consumers to re-appraise the brand.

    Having worked with Mountainview Learning in a previous role, the new CEO wasn’t convinced the businesses assumptions were valid. Frequent packaging changes and copy changes aimed at influencing what consumers thought about the brand only brought more confusion and were proving to have a negative impact on sales.

    We introduced an evidence-based strategic model aimed at making the brand easier to find and buy. This increased sales by 13% in two consecutive years and led to a 3% growth in market share.

  • Ford of Europe’s sales were heading in reverse despite producing the best cars in the company’s history. Despite investing $billions in improving the design, the quality, the reliability and the style of their cars sales were not edging higher.

    Ford believed the problem was low/poor brand perceptions and a reluctance by consumers to re-appraise the brand. We disagreed as we knew that attitudes are stored in a different part of the brand to the part that actually makes the buying decisions.

    We helped to make Ford brand in Europe and now in the US more salient and seem easier to buy. Against all the odds the Ford Focus has become the world’s biggest selling car.

  • Prostate Cancer UK was created through a merger of two prostate cancer charities. Before we started working with them, PC UK was rated 126th in order of charities people were most likely to donate to.

    Mountainview Learning ran programmes for the new team responsible for brand communications and for fundraising. The results the charity has achieved are spectacular. It has jumped to 4th among charities that givers would donate to – a rise of 122 places. The charity also won an award for the best communications campaign and best brand development project in 2013 in its sector.

  • To increase staff engagement and improve employee retention Tesco asked us to help them identify insights, tools and strategies that would increase employee participation in their staff benefits programmes.

    Through learning programmes we introduced hundreds of Tesco UK staff to a host of empirically grounded psychological communication tools and they instituted them across the business with dramatic results. Uptake of a mobile phone offer were such that it had to be closed after two weeks. Employee up-take of a car insurance offer broke all records and uptake of a Clubcard offer for staff increased responses by 2,500% on a like for like comparison. 

  • “The Mountainview approach is unique. Creating Strategies of Desire is now a core part in the development of our marketing capabilities”

    Marketing Director, Ford (USA)

  • “I knew we weren’t doing everything we could to grow but I just couldn’t put my finger on it. Until now that is. This way of thinking has been a revelation.”

    Chief Marketing Officer, First National Bank

  • “This way of thinking has changed my life.”

    President of Douwe Egberts

  • “This is the future of marketing.”

    Marketing Director, Kellogg’s (USA)

  • “By applying these laws of growth we have not replaced judgement and intuition but have reduced uncertainty and debate within the organisation, greatly enhanced our productivity, and helped us to grow the value of our brand assets.”

    President of Mars Inc

  • “A real source of competitive advantage. That is providing our competitors don’t get hold of it first.”


  • “Mountainview Learning has made a tremendous contribution to how we create value for our customers.”


  • “Mountainview is the only game in town when it comes to driving the growth of brands”

    Category Director, Iglo Group

  • “The engagement with Mountainview Learning has completely transformed the way we think about growing the business because it has challenged long-standing marketing paradigms that get in the way of driving profitable growth.”

    VP Global Insights and Business Analytics, SC Johnson