• “Probably the most insightful, eye-opening and relevant training I’ve attended since joining the company.”

  • “I have learnt more about Marketing in the last 2 days than I have in the last 10 years.”

  • “Brilliantly engaging, interesting & surprising easy to follow.”

  • “Simply the best training programme available to marketing professionals today.”

  • “One of the best training programmes I have ever participated in. Brilliantly insightful.”

  • “Its sharp and challenging and snaps you out of your comfort zone.”

Our learning programmes provide the principles and practical skills required to deliver more effective marketing strategies, brand communications and sales promotions.

These programmes are all proven sales effective.

Creating Strategies of Desire

Our flagship learning programme, this two-day course provides all the evidence you need to deliver more effective growth strategies using the latest insights from brain science, behavioural science and marketing science. Designed for company leaders at Chief Executive and Marketing Director level.

 Laws of Growth

An accelerated programme that covers the critical learning for all marketing and commercial professionals: understanding how we buy, how brands grow and how to engineer growth. A provocative and productive one-day learning programme for business leaders and senior marketers.

 Winning Hearts & Minds

Billions of dollars are spent on communications of all types but very little is noticed and even less remembered. Thanks to decades of fundamental research, we now know the science behind effective communications. Winning Hearts & Minds teaches how to make every dollar work harder towards getting attention, get remembered, and getting acted on.


How can one small and simple change lead to an extra $300M sales for Amazon? Based on principles from behavioural science, NUDGE explains how customers’ make decisions and how they can easily be influenced through the application of some well-grounded psychological tools and proven techniques.